Friday, February 5, 2010

Ontario to Lake Louise, AB

The West coast was always somewhere I imagined myself living. The relaxed lifestyle, the impeccable mountains and the beautiful blue lakes and rivers always had me convinced I would fit in just fine there.

I had been told by a friend that the Fairmont was a great company to work for so I applied to three different ones on the West coast. Four days after I applied online I received a call from the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Lake Louise, Alberta. In no time at all I was completing a phone interview to work in their brand new up beat and urban steakhouse and was well on my way to living an eventful summer in paradise. 12 days later I was sitting in the massive gymnasium at Brock University writing the last exam I would write as a student there and all I could think about was the plane I had to catch in six hours to take me to Lake Louise. I got the job and was actually about to move across the country.

Many of my friends couldn't believe I was just going to pick up and leave everyone and everything I knew in Ontario to move across the country by myself in only 12 days but for me, that was half the fun. Not knowing where I was going to end up or who I was going to meet was one of the most exciting things for me. Some asked was I nervous? Others asked, was I scared? and the answer is no, I wasn't. I was excited beyond belief to finally do what I had always promised and get out and see the world.
For those of you who have never heard of Lake Louise before, it is located 40 minutes West of Banff, directly in the centre of the Rocky Mountains.

The village was small, very small. The air was free of pollution, the trees were so green and the mountains were so massive. It was a 4 kilometre accent up a winding road through the mountains to get to the Chateau, a road that was every runners heaven and for those who didn't like to exercise, an absolute nightmare. When I reached the top of the mountain there stood the Chateau. This enormous structure was set in the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen. With the turquoise lake circling in behind the hotel and set behind that, a snow covered glacier glistening in the sun, I knew I had arrived in my paradise.

My life in Lake Louise began at that moment and at that moment I knew I had made the best decision I could have ever made by moving there.

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