Thursday, February 11, 2010

I fell in love with the West Coast

Lake Louise had so much to offer. It was a small village community where everybody knew each other and also knew everything there was to know about each other. There I worked as a waitress in the Tom Wilson Steakhouse and could not have asked for a better job. From my managers to my work hours right down to my uniform, there was absolutely nothing to complain about. I worked six hours a day serving people from all over the world and meeting new faces and left with $250-$400 in my pocket each night. My rent for a 2 bedroom, fully furnished apartment was $160 A MONTH and the $3 and $4 lunch and dinners in the hotel made grocery shopping cheap.

In the summer time I spent my days hiking mountains, rock climbing, mountain biking or simply floating down the river in my raft soaking up the sun with my friends along side me. Some days I would take off and relax in the natural hot springs that flowed along side the mountains or spend the day enjoying a cocktail on a patio in Banff. I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the days and begin work at 5 p.m., not everybody had that luxury.

My winter days were just as eventful. Snowboarding, snowboarding and more snowboarding. The most exciting part of the day was waking up at 7 a.m., looking outside to see more snow had fallen and racing to parking lot ready to head to the hill.

The Lake Louise Ski Hill was only a 5 minute drive from my house which made the jam packed car rides with far too many people and snowboards packed in them, not seem so bad. Being on top of a mountain at 8 a.m. with 10 to 15 of my friends all strapped to our snowboards, shredding through waste deep powder is a feeling that words can't even describe. I used to snowboard all day, head home for work and wake up the next morning to do it all over again.

Winter excursions were a regular occurrence in Lake Louise. Whether we were climbing the hiking trails with our snowboards attached to our backs and riding down the mountains that shouldn't be ridden down, or playing pick up hockey on the frozen over lake or building igloos and sleeping in them on three day camping trips in minus 25 degree weather, there was never a dull moment in Lake Louise.


  1. Dawn, your topic is fantastic, I know what you mean about coming from a small town. I would love to travel to B.C. one of these days, hopefully soon. If I do, I am 100% calling you. P.S How are the Olympics?

  2. Thanks Jo. I would highly recommend the West coast. Anyone who loves the outdoors would absolutely fall in love with this place. When you do make it out this way be sure to let me know and I'll pass on some contacts your way. I'll tell you all the amazing places to go and I bet you'll never come home!! The Olympics are amazing though! The absolute time of my life, wouldn't trade this experience for the world! Although I did get hit by a car yesterday that I could have done without but hey adds to the experience right! Hope all is well back home, see you in a few weeks!

  3. I have been pretty lucky in my travels. I have skied Lake louise and Sunshine, went scuba diving with sea lions off Sechelt and tripped around Vancouver Island. I think Victoria has may name on it. The place suits me, but I am having trouble figuring out how to move the baggage I have accumulated over the years: the spouse, dog, cats, house, boats etc. It makes it tougher to pick up and move.