Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coast to Coast

There is much more to the West coast than Lake Louise and mountains and I wouldn't be me if I hadn't of explored all of it. In the two and a half years I spent on the West coast, I covered a lot of ground. By bus, by car, by bike and even by foot with my thumb in the air, I was able to experience most of what the West coast had to offer.

The West Edmonton Mall took a toll on my bank account but put a smile on my face and many more hangers in my closet. There they had everything; wave pools, swimming pools, roller coasters, sharks, flamingos, casinos, you name it, this mall had it. One trip to this mall in over two years was certainly not enough and became a trip that I took with the girls roughly every four months.

The Calgary Stampede was another experience all on its own, an absolute adventure each year I went to it and definitely something I would recommend everyone experiencing once in their life time. I'm not a cowboy fan nor do I even really enjoy country music, but even the hardest rapper and punk rocker could learn to have a good time at the Stampede. Crowds of rowdy people, bull riding shows, concerts, party tents and live music on the streets made the annual event very enjoyable.

Without a doubt the best part of the West Coast is British Columbia. A place that easily became one of my favourite places in the world and to this day is a place I could live forever and be more than happy. The endless road trips to Pemberton for four day music festivals, zip trekking from peak to peak mountain tops and overcrowded van rides to Whistler to mountain bike in the summer and snowboard in the winter are some of my fondest memories. The feeling of standing on the edge of a mountain with nothing but a mountain bike beneath me or a snowboard strapped to my feet is indescribable.

The time I spent on the West coast helped me grown into who I wanted to become. It challenged my mind, my endurance and my ability to save money in order to afford taking advantage of the amazing opportunities it had to offer. I say I could have stayed in BC and lived happily and that is the truth; I decided that first I would explore more of the world and the cultures that made up the experiences I will never ever forget. Stay tuned to follow me on an unbelievable adventure.


  1. "The West Edmonton Mall took a toll on my bank account but put a smile on my face and many more hangers in my closet." ahahhahahaahhahha I laughed so loud to this quote ahahha.. you rock :) :)

  2. I have never been to the west coast, it is definetely a place I need to get to soon!

  3. I have always had this dream of moving out to Vancouver once I am done school and start a whole new life is a whole new place. I have had a few reservation about going, but this blog has definitely put a plus in the pro column.

  4. I love it there too. I stayed for just over a month, saw all there was to see. I don't think I could live there though. I think I like it here too much, I like the atmosphere of Toronto more than Vancouver. Vancouver has the big city look but I is a bit more laid back and I LOVE the busyness of Toronto. Also Hastings Street and its gracious hosts were not something I was particularly fond of... especially the bottle snatchers!