Tuesday, March 16, 2010

South Island NZ

After a 48-minute flight I had landed on the South Island in Christchurch and was ready to see what the rest of New Zealand had to offer.

I decided to rent a car for the 3 weeks I would be spending on the Island, that way I had the ability to move around when and where I wanted to and my accommodation was taken care of as well. A quick stop at “Super Shed” to pick up two layers of carpet underlay was all I need to make up what would be my bed for the next 26 days.

At night, I followed the same routine. I always found a comfy parking spot in a well lit area, always remembering safety first of course, hung my towels over the window to block that well lit area from keeping me awake all night, folded down the back seats with my oh so cozy mattress from “Super Shed,” and unrolled my sleeping bag ready for a good night sleep.

Being on a budget, I stuck to the basics for dinner. I can thank Uncle Ben and his fabulous selection of easy cook rice for a full stomach and every once in a while when I felt like spoiling myself, I’d buy a few pepperoni sticks to add in for my protein. A cheap bottle of white wine poured into my plastic origami cup and my laptop with an endless selection of movies to choose from kept me entertained and usually unaware of strange sounds that often went on outside. On cold nights I kept the car running for 10-15 minute right before bed and thankfully more often then not, I fell asleep before it got cold again.

In Queenstown I risked my life bungee jumping off the tallest bungee in the world, the original bungee where the concept was first created. I was thrown around in the rapids of black water, took a drive on Baldwin Street, which just happens to be the steepest street in the world and spent endless time relaxing in the many thermal pools that existed all across the South Island.

My South Island experience was probably my favourite part about my New Zealand adventure. I visited the Cadbury Chocolate factory, Seal Point where I was chased by seals along the beach, I watched penguins come back from sea to tend to their babies in their colony, stood on giant boulders in the middle of the ocean that came together to make some of the most incredible formations I had ever seen.

Although my entire experience in New Zealand was unbelievable, the absolute highlight of my adventure was made of up 4 days, 75km, and 2000 vertical feet, and soon you’ll know why.


  1. Dawn
    you are a lucky girl and a brave one I might add. I can only wish to see half of what you have seen so far in your life. I have heard so much of New Zealand as one of my friends' family lives there and she just wants to go there and be with them. It sounds and looks beautiful. And Bungee Jumping omg. one again i can only hope to find that bravery.

  2. Dawn I love the fact that you were able to make an unbelievable adventure out of the bare necessities. Very few people I know are able to travel around like this but you did it beautifully!!!